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Delhi City Sightseeing Trip
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Delhi to Agra
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Delhi to Mathura & Vrindavan
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Delhi, being the country’s capital, is constantly abuzz with activity. The fast-paced city life can be overwhelming. You can escape it by traveling to one of the most beautiful places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. From hill stations to deserts, you can pick a destination that suits your mood. These locations are perfect for a rejuvenating retreat with friends and family.

Places to Visit near Delhi within 600 km

1. Kullu

Located on the Beas River bank, at a height of 1230 meters, Kullu offers stunning hill views. You can rejuvenate amidst the undulating views of the verdant landscape covered with dense deodar and pine forests. Overladen orchards and a soothing environment make it a refreshing escape. With the majestic Himalayas as the backdrop, you can visit the ancient temples, indulge in adventures like river rafting, and witness the week-long grandly celebrated Dussehra festival.

2. Bir Billing

Regarded as the Land of Tibetan Monasteries, Bir Billing is a tiny Himachali village. It is among the most vibrant tourist places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. Noted for meditation, spiritual studies, hardcore camping, hand gliding, trekking, mountain biking, and paragliding, it is flocked by tourists of varied tastes. You can taste the scrumptious Tibetan dishes, head on to the local markets, and savor the panoramic views from an altitude of 5000 feet.

3. Manali

A splendid hill resort town, it is blessed with pristine and unmatchable beauty. Nestled in the picturesque Beas River, it is one of the most popular tourist places to visit near Delhi within 600 kilometers. The hill town provides captivating vistas of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges and the rustic enclave. You will be awed by the rich culture and ancient traditions. Marvel at the classic mix of peace and recreational activities like rowing, paragliding, and trekking.

4. Gwalior

Abound by wonderful ancient temples, majestic palaces, and striking forts, it is a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. It is among the noted historical places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. You will be mesmerized by the art, history, and architecture of the place. Visit the prominent landmarks, try boating, and relish local food. Being the birthplace of the famous musician, Tansen, it holds various music festivals and events.

5. Ram Raja Temple, Orchha

A well-known Hindu shrine, Ram Raja Temple is the only temple where Lord Rama is worshipped as a king. The temple appears like a palace, with vibrant walls and marble courtyards. You can admire the grand peace-tinted building with domes and spires. Climb a flight of stairs to reach the temple standing on a 4.5 m high platform. You can also see the Ramlila ground situated just next to it.

6. Mori

Perched at a height of 1150 feet in the Singtoor Range, Mori is a charming township situated on the Tons River bank in Uttarakashi. It is among the offbeat places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. Soak in the abundant vistas of tall and dark deodar forests, villages, and rich vegetation. You can enjoy various activities like jungle walks, beach camping, river rafting, trekking, bird watching, and village walking.

7. Pragpur

Situated at an elevation of 1800 feet, Pragpur is a largely unchanged heritage village near the Kangra district. It houses several historical and religious buildings and landmarks. You will be impressed by the slate-roofed and mud-plastered houses, cobbled streets, and ornate village tank. Take a stroll in the orchards or purchase local handicrafts. You can explore the beauty of the hill station in solitude as it is among the lesser-known places to visit near Delhi within 600 km.

8. Thanedar

Located at a height of 8000 feet, Thanedar is a quaint village. An offbeat destination, it is one of the places to visit near Delhi within 600 km which is away from the tourist crowd. It falls on the Old Hindustan-Tibet Road. You can perceive the splendid apple, strawberry, and cherry orchards. Witness the River Sutlej flowing in a gorge 6000 feet below. You can gape at the snow-capped mountains and deodar forests.

9. Shivpuri

Shivpuri is an ancient and holy town nestled at an elevation of 1515 feet in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier known as Sipri, it houses commendable tourist attractions and is one of the best places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. It is a serene destination with a pleasing landscape, ideal for relaxation. You can be awed by the interesting wildlife, broadleaf forests, and inclined hills. Birdwatching is a popular activity among tourists.

10. Kuchaman

A regal city in Rajasthan, Kuchaman is one of the most regal places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. Famous for forts and lakes, it makes for an interesting trip. You can behold the royal Shekhawati style of architecture, with adorable frescoes, wall paintings, and artistic murals. You can visit the holy temples, and witness the jubilant celebrations of various occasions. It is a great place to shop for traditional outfits and feast on local cuisine.

11. Hatkoti

The valley of Hatkoti lies on the Pabbar River in Himachal Pradesh located near Delhi within 600 km. You can be mesmerized by the ancient stone temples and the colossal Himalayas. The ornate sculptures and the temple walls depict the amazing craftsmanship of the 9th-century Gupta dynasty. It is the perfect place to take a glimpse of the awe-inspiring confluence of two mountain streams, Bishkulti and Raanvati, and Jabbar River.

12. Kota

Lying on the banks of River Chambal, Kota is a famous place to visit near Delhi within 600 km. The town is renowned for its Kota Doria fabric, dark green colored eponymous stones, gold jewelry, and enlightening coaching classes. It is a growing industrial hub. However, you can also see palaces, forts, museums, temples, and gardens. You can cherish the architectural splendor from the bygone era and experience the charm of Rajasthani culture.

13. Chamba

A delightful Himachali town, Chamba is a great place to visit near Delhi within 600 km. It boasts of astounding vistas of the Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and Zanskar mountain ranges. You can be impressed by the ancient shrines, cultural experiences, and historical edifices. It is tucked away at an altitude of 996 m on the Ravi River bank and offers enticing caves for you to explore. You can purchase miniature Pahari paintings and traditional handicrafts.

14. Parwanoo

Encircled by lush landscapes, Parwanoo is famous for outdoor adventure sports, orchards, and fruit products. It is among the most pristine places to visit near Delhi within 600 km and also a gateway for Pinjore and Kasauli. You can ride cable cars and enjoy trekking. You will be awed by the underwater springs and the charming Renuka Lake. Visit the temples to offer prayers and relax in the gardens as you watch the breathtaking sunset.

15. Ranthambore

Formerly a royal hunting ground, Ranthambore is now a well-recognized wildlife reserve. The national park is home to tigers, leopards, and marsh crocodiles. You will enjoy visiting this place as it is located near Delhi within 600 km. It also houses the remnants of the 10th-century Ranthambore fort, Ganesha temple, Padam Lake and Surwal Lake. You can also witness one of the biggest banyan trees in the country.

16. Khajuraho

Located in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is a group of ancient Hindu and Jain temples. The UNESCO World Heritage Site exhibits Nagara-style architecture. It is also famous for erotic but aesthetic sculptures. Only 25 caves and temples remain out of the 85 in earlier times. You can plan a trip to this place located near Delhi and witness a fine example of India’s artistic and cultural heritage.

17. Chitrakoot

Linked to the Ramayana, Chitrakoot is a city of religious, historical, mythological, cultural, and architectural importance. It is also among the few spiritual places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. The retreat carries immense natural beauty. Lying on the northern Vindhya Mountain ranges, Chitrakoot was the abode of Lord Rama and Sita during their exile. You can witness the grand celebrations of Ram Navami, Deep Dan Festival, and Deepavali.

18. Lansdowne

A charming hill station in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne was discovered by the British. Dotted with colonial-era buildings, it exudes an old-world charm. Teeming with oak and pine forests, it is a paradise for nature lovers, bird watchers, and casual hikers. With the forested hills as the backdrop, you can visit the temples and enjoy the gorgeous vistas. It is ranked among the most pristine places to visit near Delhi within 600 kilometers.

19. Gwaldam

The picture-perfect sleepy village of Gwaldam is located at a height of 1700 m. Covered by tall pine trees, terraced farms, enticing slopes, and teeny wooden houses, its unspoiled beauty will captivate you. The continuous springs, dazzling waterfalls, numerous birds, and vibrant flowers make it one of the best places to visit near Delhi within 600 kilometers. You can trek or hike to feel the views of the mountain peaks.

20. Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley is a gorgeous Himachali valley, well-admired for hiking trails, camping, river rafting, backpacker’s hangouts, hippie travelers, rave parties, and spiritual experiences. You can get a clear view of the Himalayas and uninterrupted solitude. It is among the places to visit near Delhi where you will be mesmerized by the thick conifers and the cascading waterfalls. It is also known as the Death Valley or India’s Bermuda Triangle.

21. Kinnaur

Lying on the Indo-Tibet border, Kinnaur is also known as the Land of God. Behold the meandering rivers, Satluj, Baspa, and Spiti, it is one of the most amazing places to visit near Delhi within 600 km. You can capture the views of the Zanskar valley, Nako Lake, apricot and apple orchards, Dhauladhar ranges, and the last village of India, Chitkul. It is also hailed for its timeless rituals, preserved culture, and remarkable hospitality.

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